Zig Zag Wedding Rings – Z Shaped Wedding Rings to fit Unusual Settings

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Discover the perfect way to commission your very own Z shaped wedding ring and the perfect Zig-Zag wedding ring design.

Zig-Zag Wedding Rings – Styles to Fit Awkard Settings

Many brides struggle to find a simple wedding ring shaped to fit their existing engagement ring.

For any situation, a perfect solution exists to create a perfectly fitted ring design and a shaped wedding ring for any possible ring design.

Buying a Z shaped wedding band

Many couples begin their wedding ring journey with a visit to a well-known high-street jeweller such as H.Samuel, or Beaverbrooks, to name just two examples. Many such jewellers sell ring designs from stock. Most importantly, few offer a bespoke design service. As a result, few couples find a suitable ring after their visit.

Some couples eventually choose a straight wedding ring to avoid complications. Sometimes, this seems the easiest option.

Straight bands are plentiful and readily available. You can even pick up a very lightweight ring fairly cheaply, whether this is online, via mail order, or within a jewellery store.

But, remember, the fit will not suit your engagement ring. Regrettably, unsightly gaps and an awkward fit result from matching a straight band to a contoured setting.

Z shaped wedding ring created as part of our design service, set with graduating flush set diamonds.

Who chooses a Z shaped wedding ring?

Most Z shaped wedding rings fit around square engagement ring designs. As part of our service, we make wedding rings to fit any of our designs. The square shape of the ring setting influences the shape of the wedding ring.

Some buyers choose a design to fit tightly around the shape of their setting. As a result, the ring features a distinctive Z shape or Zig-Zag design. Alternatively, some clients choose a less pronounced shape. For example, a sweeping shape. However, this option does not result in a seamless fit, unlike the more angular shape.

How Long Does a Zig-Zag Shaped Wedding Ring Take?

We create bespoke wedding rings over a timeframe of around 5 weeks. We start by asking clients for a photograph of their engagement ring. However, some clients visit our showroom to discuss matters in person.

Next, we provide a quote for the bespoke ring, made to match the precious metal of the engagement ring.

Typically, our process involves a 3D scan of the engagement ring. This enables a perfect CAD design to be modelled ready for rapid prototyping. A wax model of the ring can often be 3D printed and cast in the chosen precious metal. Once completed, a final fitting ensures a perfect fit.

Browse additional examples

Many of our bespoke wedding rings go onto our bespoke jewellery section of the website. In addition, we feature some of our fitted rings on our dedicated shaped wedding rings page with further advice and guidance on our service. For more help, contact us directly by email, or through our online chat or messenger service.

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