What Does Your Preferred Diamond Shape Say About You?

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Whether you are a blushing bride excited to venture into the world of diamonds alongside your partner, or whether you are an eager groom-to-be in search of the perfect ring for the love of your life, you may wonder where exactly you should start the engagement ring shopping process.We often recommend determining the diamond shape or shapes you like best to create a foundation from which to build and design your perfect ring. While diamonds are beautiful, sparkly, and show-stopping in nature, they behold more than meets the eye. Diamond shapes reflect and enhance the wearer’s personality; they can highlight those characteristics you have grown to love about your partner, or they can highlight aspects of your personality with which you have yet to reveal to the world. Diamonds can be bold, timeless, elegant, feminine, edgy, fun-loving, and so much more. So, what exactly does your preferred diamond shape say about your personality? Or, how can you be sure that you are choosing the best diamond shape to enhance your personality? Read through our diamond shape list to find the diamond with which you best identify. Keep an open mind, you may be surprised! The Round Cut Diamond1.50 Carat Round Diamond Solitaire Six-Prong Engagement RingYou Are… Traditional, elegant, and sincere with a touch of glamour. The round diamond is a popular diamond cut as a result of its comforting simplicity and stunning brilliance. Round diamonds have a timeless elegance that will never go out of style, and neither will you, dear bride… You are timeless. The 58 facets of the round diamond cut are designed to maximize sparkle for a delicate touch of glamour, which appeals to that quiet, but steadfast, part of your personality that is drawn to extravagance.Round Cut Diamond StylesThe round-cut diamond, while simple and timeless, is anything but boring. Whether you prefer a round solitaire or a round cut diamond with a halo of bezel set diamonds with a vintage flair, there is a perfect round cut diamond engagement ring for you. 1.75 ct Round Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring1.05 ct Round Diamond 18K White Gold Engagement Ring1.21 ct Round Diamond White Gold Ring2.78 Carat Round Diamond Halo & Two-Row Band Engagement RingThe Cushion Cut Diamond3.50 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement RingYou Are…Romantic and feminine with a dependable spirit.The cushion cut diamond is an antique cut that has adorned a beautiful bride’s fingers for centuries. The cushion cut or the “pillow cut” has a square or rectangular shape with soft, rounded corners and strategic facets to highlight the stone’s brilliance. The delicate, feminine aesthetic of the cushion-cut diamond is a direct reflection of your essence. You are not a hopeless romantic, you are romantic and just as the cushion cut has remained dependably steadfast through generations, you are a trustworthy pillar for your loved ones.Cushion Cut Diamond StylesThe cushion-cut diamond enhances sparkle creating a dainty aesthetic that looks good in any setting. Choose an engagement ring featuring a bold cushion cut diamond with unique-shaped side diamonds or a bezel set cushion cut diamond to enhance brilliance. Let your imagination run wild. 1.80 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Bezel Set Engagement Ring5.31 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring1.24 ct Cushion Cut White Gold Engagement Ring1.80 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Pave Prong Engagement RingThe Princess Cut Diamond1.25 ct Princess Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement RingYou Are…Engaging, clever, and forever stylish.The princess cut diamond is the most popular fancy shape. Why, you may ask? Because the princess cut has the same sparkle of a round cut, but in a chic, square shape. The princess cut diamond bride is engaging, she can catch your attention with a witty one-liner and keep your attention with her stylish taste. For every funny bone in your body, there is an equally clever bone that reveals itself to your friends and loved ones.Princess-Cut Diamond StylesThe princess cut diamond is stunning in solitaire design and equally stunning with a halo,  side stones, or even a detailed half, or eternity diamond band. However you choose to style your princess cut center diamond, the diamond shape will fit your personality completely.2.01 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Halo & Split Engagement Ring1.50 ct Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring.90 ct Princess Cut Diamond 14K White Gold Engagement Ring3.00 ct Princess Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement RingThe Radiant Cut Diamond1.81-carat Radiant Cut Diamond Super Slim Band RingYou Are…A class act with a charming and outgoing personality.The radiant cut diamond has the same vibrance and fire as a princess cut diamond often styled in the shape of an emerald cut diamond. You, too, are vibrant and incredibly charming with a personality that draws people into your sphere (and they never want to leave!). The elongated shape of the radiant cut reflects your sophisticated, classy nature making your charm that much more appealing to the masses.  Radiant Cut Diamond StylesThe radiant cut diamond is classy and sophisticated in any setting, though this diamond-cut looks breathtaking when paired with side diamonds or band diamonds, or both!2.50ct Radiant Cut Diamond Three-Stone Halo Ring.90 ct Radiant Cut Diamond Five-Stone Engagement Ring2.00 ct Radiant Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring1.33 ct Radiant Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement RingThe Asscher Cut Diamond1.70 ct Asscher Cut Diamond Two-Tone Solitaire Engagement RingYou Are…Mysterious and refined with an appreciation for elegance and femininity. The Asscher cut diamond features precise step cuts, similar to the emerald cut, in a structured, square shape that results in an incredibly appealing, retro aesthetic. This diamond shape is unexpected, yet refined leaving the observer stunned by the visual results. The Asscher cut bride is similarly refined with a hint of mystique that makes everyone want to know her. The Asscher cut is elegant in its structure and exudes femininity, which is mirrored in your personality. Asscher Cut Diamond StylesThe Asscher cut diamond is particularly stunning when paired with a vintage or retro setting that effectively highlights the thoughtful geometry of the Asscher step-cut. Trapezoidal or tapered bullet side diamonds highlight the Asscher-cut center diamond perfectly while a round diamond band or a round diamond halo creates a nice contrast with the structured cut. 1.74 ct Asscher Cut Diamond Classic Halo Engagement Ring5.01 ct Asscher cut Diamond Engagement Ring2.04 ct Asscher Cut Platinum Engagement Ring2.20 Carat Asscher Cut Diamond Three-Stone Bezel Engagement RingThe Pear Shape Diamond1.01 ct Pear Shape White Gold Solitaire Engagement RingYou Are…Easy-going, adventurous, and boldly unique. The pear shape diamond is a fruitful marriage between the marquise diamond shape and the round-cut diamond creating a bold, teardrop diamond. This diamond shape is exciting, yet comfortable and calming, which creates an enticing effect on the bride’s finger. You, like the pear-shaped diamond, are a calming and comfortable presence to those around you; maybe it’s your eagerness to explore the world, people, and places you have never encountered, or maybe it’s because you are completely comfortable in your uniqueness. Whatever the intrinsic motivation, people love you and they love the pear-shaped diamond.  Pear Shape Diamond StylesThe pear-shaped diamond is a fun and unique diamond shape that creates ample opportunity to play with various styles and settings. You can pair your pear-shaped diamond with a pear diamond halo, place it between a curving pave diamond band, or a twisted pave diamond band that adds a geometric element to the delicate pear diamond. However you choose to style your pear-shaped diamond, it is sure to look brilliant! 1.01 ct Pear Shape Diamond Vintage Halo Engagement Ring2.03 Carat Pear Shape Diamond Bold Halo Engagement Ring1.20 Carat Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring2.30 ct Pear Shape Diamond 18K White Gold Engagement RingThe Oval Shape Diamond2.50 ct Oval Diamond Solitaire Engagement RingYou Are…One of a kind with an undoubtedly smart and creative spirit. The oval-shaped diamond offers the brilliance of a round-cut diamond with a unique, oblong shape that enhances slender fingers and adds a pop of whimsy to your engagement ring and wedding band pairing. The oval diamond has a creative flair that directly appeals to your aesthetic, after all, you are a unique and creative spirit yourself. While your creativity is sky high, your head is certainly not in the sky since you are very sharp and as bright as the oval-shaped diamond you prefer. Oval Shape Diamond StylesThe oval diamond shape is a masterpiece in and of itself and requires little styling to “wow!” onlookers. You can pair your oval diamond with round side diamonds, a wide split band, or a double halo to add a massive dose of glamour! 1.20ct Oval Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring1.74 ct Oval Diamond Engagement Ring1.25 ct Oval Diamond Engagement Ring1.70 ct Oval Diamond Platinum Engagement RingThe Heart Shape Diamond2.00 Carat Heart Shape Diamond Signature Wrap Engagement RingYou Are…Flirty and romantic and passionate beyond measure. The heart-shaped diamond is the epitome of a sentimental gesture that allows the recipient bride to (literally) wear their heart on their hand. The heart-shaped diamond bride is romantic and passionate, and would never shy away from telling those they love just how much they love them. Passion and sentiment are emanating from deep within, and you love the idea of displaying your love for love on your dainty hand.  Heart Shape Diamond StylesThe heart-shaped diamond is a style on its own requiring very little additional dazzle to have a memorable effect. A single or double halo with a diamond eternity band is a beautiful addition to your heart-shaped stone and will make your commitment to “I Love You” just that much brighter.  1.00 ct Heart Shape Diamond Halo Engagement Ring0.70 Carat Heart Shape Diamond Rose Gold Engagement RingThe Marquise Shape Diamond.80 ct Marquise Diamond Two-Tone Halo Engagement RingYou Are…Edgy, glamorous, and your personality is larger-than-life. The marquise-shaped diamond is a true showstopper with an elongated form and two, pointed ends. One end of the marquise diamond represents internal strength and the other end represents external strength, both of which are overflowing from your essence, marquise bride. Your edgy glamour is a coveted trait, and your larger-than-life personality makes all those who meet you say: “She sure is special!” Marquise Shape Diamond StylesThe marquise diamond is enhanced by subtle detailing, like a gold pave prong with a cathedral style band, a split band, or a round diamond halo… all of which allow the marquise diamond to run the show. 1.40 ct Marquise Diamond Yellow Gold Engagement Ring.83 ct Marquise Diamond Halo Engagement Ring with Split Band1.84 Carat Marquise Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring1.75 ct Marquise Diamond Platinum Engagement RingThe Emerald Cut Diamond2.25 ct Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement RingYou Are…Polished, structured, and effortlessly stylish. The emerald cut diamond features a polished step cut that creates a window of mirrors effect highlighting clarity above all. Not unlike the sophisticated cut of the emerald diamond, you thrive within the loose confines of structure to reveal your perfectly polished self. But, this doesn’t take much effort from you, emerald bride! You are effortlessly stylish, effortlessly polished, and your craving for structure only allows you more freedom to thrive. Emerald-Cut Diamond StylesThe beautiful, structured geometry of the emerald-cut diamond is best paired with styles that enhance the center stone symmetry. A curving or split pave band, equally disciplined emerald cut side stones, or a custom channel set band with a row of accenting emerald cut diamonds will create an effortlessly chic aesthetic admired by all.1.92 ct Emerald Cut Diamond Platinum Swoop Engagement Ring1.40 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Three-Stone Ring1.00 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Split Band Engagement Ring3.00 ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement RingA Diamond for Every PersonalityAt Lauren B, we embrace individuality. We admire individuality. We encourage individuality. Your diamond engagement ring and wedding band pairing is a reflection of who you are. We want you to carry your beautiful diamond ring boldly into the future with pride and assurance that you have the perfect ring for your personality. We have plenty of styles from which to choose, and we offer complete customization options should you have a vision you would like to pursue. Our sales specialists will be with you through every step of the process to create a stunning masterpiece that is as unique as you are. Guaranteed.Please email us at [email protected] or visit our virtual diamond inventory to browse.
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