What are VVS Diamonds? How to Choose the Perfect Clarity Grade.

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What are VVS diamonds and what does VVS stand for?
VVS diamonds feature minuscule inclusions. As a result, the VVS clarity grade stands for “very very slightly included.”
Diamonds achieve one of several clarity grades assigned by a professional gemmologist. Clarity grades range from Flawless (absence of any internal or external flaws) to I3 as the lowest grade.
The VVS clarity grade divides into two grades: VVS1 and VVS2. To an untrained eye, both of these grades appear identical, but VVS1 ranks higher than VVS2.
Both grades represent some of the highest clarity diamonds available. Moreover, VVS1 stands one clarity grade lower than Internally Flawless.
Diamond clarity chart
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Should you choose a VVS clarity diamond?
Some buyers question the price difference between VVS diamonds and lower clarity grades. For example, how good is good enough? Other questions arise. How high does the grade need to be in order to own an eye-clean diamond?

Bespoke engagement ring designed at Serendipity Diamonds, set with and F colour VVS2 clarity diamond. 
Best clarity grades for a clear diamond
While VVS diamonds offer exceptional clarity, the lower price of a VS diamond has its merits. Firstly, in terms of price. VS diamonds offer exceptional clarity hard to distinguish from a VVS clarity diamond. Furthermore, VS diamonds are less expensive. For this reason, we steer clients towards VS diamonds. After all, why pay more than you need to?

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