Wedding Rings with Patterns – A Guide to Patterned Wedding Rings

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January 6, 2020
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January 6, 2020

21 Styles of Wedding Rings with Patterns


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Choosing a patterned wedding ring

Patterns make a great way to add detail to a wedding ring. Furthermore, patterned wedding rings make great alternatives to plain wedding ring styles. But, few people realise, many are the same ring. To explain, we start with a plain ring. We offer several different styles. Next, we apply a pattern. Many designs exist. For example, a bevelled edge.

How do you pattern a wedding ring?

We apply patterns to wedding rings by machine. Wedding rings are spun at high speed. By use of precision machine engineering, the pattern is cut into the surface of the wedding ring. Once patterned, the wedding ring is polished.

Milgrain line pattern with heartbeat engraving

Machined milgrain patterns with heartbeat engraved into the wedding ring.

Which precious metal to choose for a Patterned wedding band

We applied patterns and textures to all precious metals. All precious metals are suitable for patterning. These include, Platinum, Palladium, 18ct White Gold, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold. Finally, we offer 9 carat Gold. For an ethical choice, we suggest Fairtrade Gold for wedding rings.

Diamond pattern wedding rings

Some patterns mimic the effect of diamonds. Our sparkle cut pattern provides a perfect diamond effect. For this reason, many nurses choose this design instead of diamonds.

Sparkle pattern wedding ring

Are light, medium or heavy wedding rings best for patterns?

We create plain wedding ring in various weights or thicknesses. Choose from light, medium and heavy amongst many of the profiles of rings.

Lighter weight rings will be thinner and will sit closer to the finger. For wedding rings with patterns, we  suggest medium or heavy weight profiles. To explain, both allow more depth for machining the pattern around the ring.

Best widths for Patterned rings.

Width depends on the pattern and effect required. For tramline designs, with a middle section, we recommend at least 4mm. We strongly advise a width associated with the design online.

When it comes to women’s patterned rings, a narrower width is preferred. For this reason, some patterns are unsuitable. For this reason, contact us for help with designs. Our team recommends patterns and designs suitable for narrow wedding rings. For example, the sparkle cut pattern works well on 3mm wedding rings.

Hand Patterned and Machine Patterned Wedding Rings?

Choose from a hand patterned wedding ring, or machine patterned wedding rings. Machine patterns work well for a precise repeating pattern. In contrast, hand patterning works well for a small section of the ring.

We work with some of the best hand engravers to create unique patterns. For example, our leaf patterned wedding rings hand engraved around the ring.

Leaf patterned wedding rings

Pair of hand engraved leaf patterned wedding rings for bride and groom.

Different Types of Pattern for Wedding Rings

We apply the following patterns to wedding rings. Choose your favourite pattern available on most of our plain ring styles.

Patterned with lines.

We apply lines by machine patterning. Single lines, double lines create a wide variety of effects. In addition, we vary finishes. For example a mirror polish combined with a satin finish.

Channel cut patterns

A channel cut into a wedding ring creates a deep groove. Mirror polished, channels work well contrasting with a matte outer finish.

Textured wedding rings

Textures include satin, matte and sandblasted finishes. Whilst these are not strictly patterns, they provide a dull, brushed or stone effect.

Planished wedding rings

Planished wedding rings give a hammered effect over the surface of a wedding ring. Patterns vary from a fine planished surface to a larger hammered effect over the ring.

Bevelled edges

Bevelled edges feature an angled edge to a wedding ring. Cut into a medium or heavy weight ring, the effect is popular. For example, added to a flat court wedding ring. We suggest a polished bevel with a satin middle section.

A gallery of patterned wedding rings

We create wedding rings with the following patterns. They appear in our patterned wedding rings

Double line satin wedding ringwedding ring with pattern, single line detailsatin wedding ring with machined edgessection patterned wedding ringPatterns machined onto sating finish bandWedding ring with Greek patternDouble central patterned line detailWedding ring with cross patterned linesPatterned wedding ring with central linesMilgrain patterned wedding ringOne of many patterned wedding rings with milgrain edgeRWD4F22_1-central-milgrain-patternRWD4F23_1-outer-line-patternsRWH002_polished-line-patterns1RWH003_1-hammered-finish-wedding-ringRWH005_1-hammered-wedding-ring-patternRWH014_cross-lines-1RWW121_X-pattern-wedding-ring-1RWW426_1-unusual-cut-patternWedding-Ring-with-Pattern-ChannelWedding-Ring-with-Pattern-D-Channel

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