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August Birthstone Peridot
Peridot is the UK birthstone for August. This beautiful gemstone boasts a distinctive mossy-green colouration. Cut into most sizes and shapes, this gemstone compares favourably in cost compared to other  gems. In addition, the Olive-green colour contrasts beautifully against white diamonds, set into halo rings or between outer diamonds.
What is Peridot?
This gemstone quality mineral derives from the mineral Olivine. Interestingly, as its name suggests it possesses a distinctive moss-like colour. Variations in colour range from yellow to brownish-green. Olivine originates from volcanic sources often appearing in rock as crystals. Interestingly, the colour of Olivine results from Iron within the crystal. Forsterite, a Magnesium Iron Silicate, provides most of the gemstone quality Peridot cut for the jewellery industry.
How durable is Peridot as a gemstone?
On Mohs Hardness Scale, this gemstone registers at 6.5-7 which is hard enough for jewellery. Peridot scratches. In addition, it can break upon impact, so care should be taken during wear. In short, it is suitable for most jewellery types, from engagement rings to dress rings, earrings and pendants. Another benefit of is cost. It is far more affordable than many other Green gemstones. Furthermore, the lower cost makes bigger gems competitively priced. For this reason, it is popular for larger bespoke dress rings and custom made ring designs.
Why choose Peridot as the birthstone for August?
Peridot makes an excellent gift for anyone born in August. A loose gemstone makes a great gift ready for working into a bespoke commission. It is possible to arrange this at a later date based on the recipient’s own tastes. Alternatively choose ready-made Peridot jewellery to present on the person’s birthday.
We carry a small limited-edition selection of gemstones in our shop ready for making into bespoke designs. 
Other types of Peridot jewellery perfect for August
Another application for this gemstone is a necklace. Halo necklace designs, or solitaire necklace styles lend themselves well to Peridot—especially suited to August celebrations. Below we see an example of a necklace typically made with diamond. This alternative design suits most gemstone styles, but appears here with a round cut Peridot held within an elongated tapering necklace design.

Peridot eternity rings for an August wedding anniversary
One of our final suggestions alternates Peridot with diamond. As a result, a beautiful contrast results between the icy whiteness of diamond alongside the moss-green colouration of the gemstone. Our example shows a bespoke eternity ring styled this way—hand-crafted in 18ct Yellow Gold.

Claw set bespoke Peridot and diamond claw set half eternity ring
Pear and Diamond Birthstone necklace 
Brand new to Serendipity is this delicate 9ct Yellow Gold Necklace. The Peridot weighs 0.57cts, measuring 7x 5mm. This beautiful gem stone has been set alongside a accent of white diamonds flowing around the Pear shape gemstone – Arriving with an extendable 16″ – 18″ Trace chain.

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