Oval Diamond Halo Engagement Rings IGTV

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January 18, 2020
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Oval Diamond Halo Engagement Rings IGTV

Welcome back! This IGTV segment focuses on our most popular halo designs featuring oval-shaped center stones. They look similar at first glance, however, we will take a closer look at the differences between these styles – just like we would in a Lauren B appointment! Although we are specifically looking at ovals this time, any of these designs can be made for any size or shape center stone!

Classic Halo

First up is our classic halo design with a 1.5ct. oval diamond. Classic halo references the single row of diamonds surrounding the center diamond, as well as diamond stems set atop a thin pave diamond band. The “stems” support the center diamond and connect the band to the halo. If you prefer not to have diamonds on the stems, we can make them plain for a bit of contrast.

The classic halo design is a simple and classic way to enhance the shape of the center stone. Every Lauren B halo is made seamlessly for the exact center stone that is encased in it!

Fishtail pave (or “French pave”)

The next halo setting features our fishtail pave detailing. This means that the side profile of the metal contains a small v-shaped etching in the setting. This can help to make the diamonds in the setting appear more brilliant because the cuts extend into the metal allowing it to refract more light.

Double-Edged Halo

Next up is one of our most popular designs, the double-edged halo. The double-edged halo means that there are two rows of diamonds – one surrounding the top view of center stone, and one from the side view. This allows for less metal exposure and even more diamond detail!

The next ring features a 2ct. oval in a double-edged halo, but with a cathedral style band.


“Cathedral” style references the way the band sweeps up to connect to the halo. This is distinguishable from the standard floating-style settings that appear to show no connection from the halo to the band. The cathedral creates a bridge underneath the basket holding the stone, which adds additional support without adding any height. It also gives more opportunity for added diamond detailing! 

Plain Band

The next classic halo is shown with a plain band. This option is perfect for clients who love the larger look that a halo adds, but the simplicity of a simple, comfortable band. Combining a plain-banded ring with a pave wedding band offers a beautiful contrast, a look that is becoming increasingly popular at Lauren B!

3-Row Pave Band

Our final ring today is a double-edged halo style affixed to a 3-row pave band. This ring has a row of pave from the standard top view, as well as a row of pave on each side of the band. While it requires the band to be thicker to accommodate the additional diamonds, it results in an incredibly seamless, brilliant ring!

if you have any questions about oval halo engagement rings, please email [email protected] so we can create a custom quote for you!

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