Most Common Ring Size for Men & Women? Average Ring Size UK and US

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What is the most common finger size for women in the UK?
The average ring size for women in the UK falls between finger size L and N. 
The most common engagement ring size for women in the UK is size L. This information is based on our research from orders over the last 5 years. In detail, the UK average finger size for engagement rings falls between sizes L to N. From our own records, sales of rings measuring size L outnumber any other sizes.

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Choosing average ring size when you have no idea of her finger size
Many buyers opt for an average ring size when they have no idea what size to buy. A mid-sized ring is easier to adjust from a midpoint. Choose a suitable style for adjustment. For example, an engagement ring with plain shoulders. In addition, choose a simple claw setting.
Size L equivalent in US finger size
The average finger size L lies close to a US size 6. Furthermore, Variations exist from one size chart to another. The above chart shows where size L falls in comparison to the US numerical size system.
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Ordering a ring sizer to find out your finger size
If you need an engagement ring sizer, just follow the button on our product pages. Use it to find out your size or your partner’s ring size.
Our tool helps you measure your finger and find the perfect fit, without the need for a visit to your local jeweller or use of a piece of string.
For US and European clients, use our size guide to convert from the UK to other size systems, or vice versa. 
We apply a small charge for this which we refund later. We send the sizer straight out by first class post. Our ring sizer is refunded against any jewellery order placed. If you need any additional help, we’re online daily via live chat or send a message or email over to our small, friendly team.

The average engagement ring size for women in the UK
The average engagement ring size for women in the UK is L. Equivalent to a US 6 (or just under.) As a result, we make more engagement rings in size L. In addition, size M and size N are popular sizes. For this reason, we make many of our stock rings in these sizes.

The average engagement ring size for women in the US
For women in the US, the average ring size is 6.5. This is comparable to size M in the UK. Interestingly, the average US size for women falls slightly larger than in the UK. For these measurements, we work off the correct engagement and wedding ring finger.
The average wedding ring size for men in the UK
For men in the UK, the average men’s ring size is between size S and size T. Moreover, this represents a medium-sized hand for men.

Average ring size is shown for a black diamond halo engagement ring from our showroom.
The average wedding ring size for men in the US
For US clients, the average wedding ring size is size 10. This is around T + 1/2 in the UK. Many US clients order our UK ring sizer. Alternatively, we work to US sizes. Reassuringly, we photograph all finished rings on a US size stick. This gives our US clients peace of mind when ordering in US sizes.
Best engagement ring styles for guessing her finger size
If you’re like many guys, uncertain of the finger size, you should consider a style of engagement ring that can be sized. The most common engagement ring size might not be the perfect choice for you. For this reason, you should choose a style of ring easy to re-size. For example, a ring design with a plain band. In addition, choose a regular claw or prong setting. In other words, choose a design suitable for size adjustments. Also, don’t choose a thin band. Resizing a ring thins the band at the back. As a result, a thin band offer less metal to work with. In situations where the band is far too thin, we often remake rings either partially or fully.
Is it better to guess for engagement ring size larger or smaller?
Many guys opt for a size that they know will be larger than her finger. The reasoning here is that she’ll be able to wear the ring. Going too small means she’ll be less likely to get it past her knuckle. The chances are, if you really have no idea, it will need re-sizing. For this reason, we routinely do this at no further cost. We merely ask clients to cover the small return cost of the postage.
Is there such a thing as a normal finger size?
There is no such thing as ‘normal’ ring size. We are all built very differently. For example, so of us have short, fat, fingers. In contrast, others have long thin fingers. Some of our clients worry about big knuckles. Conversely, other clients struggle with small knuckles. In addition, temperate and body fluid affect ring size. Finger sizes change through the seasons. For example, many buyers experience loose fitting rings in Winter. Despite sizing tools, we strongly recommend checking your size with a professional jeweller. At the same time, try on rings and find a size comfortable for daily wear.
Extra-large ring sizes for women
Please note that some clients require a larger size to the maximum ring size on our website. After reading our ring size guide, arrange a professional jeweller to have your finger measured. After you find out your ring size, contact us for a plus-size personal quote. We measure ring size under the UK size system but happily work to other systems such as US finger sizing.
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