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January 6, 2020
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January 6, 2020

1. How did you get into the (diamond/jewelry) industry?

“I began in the jewelry industry around 15 years ago; I had a few close friends who were in this field and essentially took me under their wing. I learned sales and production side by side, which was crucial because you need to know what’s possible from the production end before you promise a client that you can make it happen for them. I learned that transparency is the foundation of any relationship.”

2. Halo or no halo?

“The age-old question of Halo vs No-Halo comes down to my clients’ preferences: If they are looking for a bold statement piece, then it would be with a halo. If they’re looking for something simple yet elegant it would be non-halo.”

3. Plain or diamond band?

“Again, it comes down to the individual client; a plain band will put all of the focus on the center stone whereas a pave band will add the bling factor and make the overall ring sparkly and pretty!”

4. Favorite ring design you’ve ever made?

“I’m a true believer in ‘less is more’, and this for me is especially true for an engagement ring. I’m addicted to simple 4 or 6-prong designs or our signature wrap – essentially styles that are simple and elegant and keep all of the focus on the center diamond.”

5. Piece of jewelry you can’t live without/ wear all the time?

“I wear a watch on a daily basis; I won’t leave home without it. I think a high-end timepiece should be part of every man’s wardrobe. Personally, next on my bucket list is a men’s chain necklace with a matching bracelet!”

6. White gold, platinum, yellow gold, or rose gold?

“Real men wear pink! So for the design I love rose gold; for durability, I opt for platinum, as it won’t tarnish or turn ‘off-white’.”

7. Ideal date night?

“Call me Hopeless Romantic – dinner and a movie always does it for me.”

8. Favorite part of the job?

“The aspect of educating clients so they can make informed decisions is an initial thrill, but nothing beats when they propose and tell me they love the design I helped them create – that for me is the most satisfying feeling.”

9. How do you describe your design aesthetic?

“My design aesthetic typically revolves around a simple, clean setting to showcase the center diamond and make it the star of the show!”

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