How to Match a Wedding Ring to an Engagement Ring

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February 28, 2020
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Matching wedding rings – ensuring both rings match.

Matching wedding rings to engagement ringsRecent commission – matching Princess cut diamond wedding ring to match shoulder set engagement ring with channels aligned.

One of the biggest concerns raised by brides, looking for a wedding ring, involves matching her wedding ring to her engagement ring. Finding a matching wedding ring can involve a long and tiring process of visiting multiple jewellery shops, to try as many bands as possible – all in the hope that there will be a suitably matched wedding ring that will ultimately match.

Since there are so many styles and profiles for both the engagement ring and matching wedding ring, this can be an exhausting process, involving a great deal of conflicting advice, and head scratching along the way. Factor in diamonds and many people will ask the question – “Where do I begin?”

We have taken much of the agony out of this process, by providing a very comprehensive service for matching wedding rings to the band of an engagement ring. This is not Rocket Science, but it requires a good working knowledge of both engagement rings and wedding rings, with the backing of jewellery making services adept in various styles of wedding ring, from straight plain bands, sometimes adapted, to more complex shaped wedding rings that will flow around the setting of an engagement ring. Only a small proportion of engagement rings are created with a specific wedding ring to match. For this reason, we have provided a clear and comprehensive system for producing any wedding band in this way. We regularly advise and produce commissioned rings, matched or shaped to accommodate any ring style.

Questions to ask yourself before matching a wedding ring

Ask yourself each of the following questions, and at least you will have some notes to work with.

What metal do you require?

Best advice would be to choose a metal type the same as your engagement ring. This will keep consistency between colouration and wear of the two rings.

What is the best wedding ring width for me?

Think about what width will suit you. Some rings vary from behind the finger, to the top of the setting. Think about what will match best. Sometimes matching the ring width all of the way around works nicely. In certain circumstances, choosing an in-between width will match best. Some clients prefer a much wider ring to greatly differentiate the two types of wedding ring when worn together.

The Popular Arreton plain wedding ring matching many engagement ring profiles

What is the best wedding ring depth?

The band of an engagement ring is often shallower under the finger than at the shoulders. Think about how deep you would like the wedding ring at each point. A wedding ring created equal in depth to the engagement ring shoulders will potentially deepen more than necessary behind the finger, giving a stepped appearance between the rings. For some rings, this difference is minimal, so less of a consideration. It is important to ensure that for the inclusion of diamonds within the wedding band, there is enough depth to accommodate the stones.

Light medium and heavy weight wedding rings

Three typical version of a plain wedding ring in light, medium and heavy weights.

Do I want to mirror the diamonds to my matchinng wedding ring?

If you have diamonds set across the shoulders of your engagement ring, read on.  Consider adding a row of diamonds to your wedding ring, in the same style of setting, using the same shape of diamond, and in the same diamond size. We mirror the start of the diamonds to match your engagement ring. Small details such as this, usually have a dramatic effect in the final appearance of both rings. Also remember that the addition of diamonds will increase the cost, not only for the diamonds alone but also by the additional work to prepare and set the ring with the stones. Ensure that diamonds are matched by colour, as two variant grades of diamond whiteness can be easily picked up with the naked eye.

Should my matching wedding ring be the same finger size as my engagement ring?

If your engagement ring is already tight on the finger, consider re-sizing this first. Once at a comfortable size, choose the same finger size for your wedding ring. In such circumstances (and especially with shaped wedding rings) arrange any re-size work at the same time, with both the wedding and engagement ring being matched in finger size.

shaped wedding ring Do I need a shaped ring?

Some engagement ring settings are unsuitable for a straight matching wedding band. You will easily see this by placing a straight band alongside, with gaps being clearly visible. The straight ring may even rock, connecting only with the setting of the ring. There are two ways for a matching wedding band to sit with an engagement ring setting. Either a shaped matching wedding ring can be created to flow around the design (this can be angular or sweeping depending on preference and style) contoured on both sides, or alternatively, a wider band can be contoured, or recessed on just one side. A plain straight wedding band might even be suitable for customisation. Remember that small indents can be ineffective and the engagement ring can move away from this, so this is best judged by your jeweller once he or she has seen your engagement ring to advise appropriately. Deeper cutouts are suitable for matching wedding bands to more prominent settings.

Examples of wedding rings matched to engagement rings

Look at the chart below and view some of the matching wedding rings we have created to match engagement rings. Click on the chart below to find out the approximate cost of each design.

Matching wedding rings to engagement rings

Need more wedding ring advice?

If you’re a little stuck, or even in need of some guidance, we’re happy to talk you about matching wedding bands. Since we cost jewellery based on material costs and labour, with no hefty “designer” price tags, you can rest assured we do our very best on not only the item produced but also on the cost. contact us for more information. 

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