How to Find Out Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing?

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this, you get down on one knee and pop the question. As you slip the ring onto
your partner’s finger, both of you suddenly realize it doesn’t fit. You rushed
things and didn’t take the time to find out her ring size, and the moment is
spoiled.Okay, it might be possible to resize the ring and make it fit. But there’s no reason to kill the romance if you prepare for the occasion. This write-up provides tips and tricks to determine your partner’s ring size without raising suspicion.Borrow One of the Rings She WearsTrace a Ring She Really LikesEstimate based on the Hand SizeGet Her Finger Size While She’s Sleeping(Our Favorite Tip) Get a Cheap Ring SizerThe Good Old Comparison MethodAsk Her to Try on a Dummy RingEmploy Others to Help YouTake Advantage of a Shopping DayAsk for Her Ring Size DirectlyWomen’s Ring
Sizes 101 – General TipsKeep
in mind that ring measurements are quite precise. For women, the sizes range
from 3 to 10, or 14.1 mm to 19.4 mm in circumference. The key thing is that the
numbers indicate the inside diameter of a ring.In
general, the most common sizes in the US are between 5 and 7, and size 6 is the
most popular. In millimeters, this translates to 15.7 mm (size 5), 16.5 mm
(size 6), and 17.3 mm (size 7). Your future spouse’s finger might fit between
two sizes and, of course, there are sizes 5.5, 6.5, and so on.Regardless
of the actual measurements, the idea is that the ring fits comfortably. It
should be snug to stay on the finger. But the ring should also be a bit loose,
so there’s no resistance when your significant other wants to slide it off.With
this in mind, two different ring sizes might fit your future spouse. In that
case, it’s advisable to go for the larger size. Sometimes, the knuckle might be
larger than the finger. If so, choose a ring that’s half a size bigger to
ensure it can be taken off easily.When you measure the size, it’s important not to use any kind of flexible string because it may stretch and give you the wrong result. And if you decide to opt for a ring with a large band, you should go half a size up for more comfort.Finally, the measurements presented in this section are standard in the US and Canada. Should you decide to get the ring from abroad, you need to check that country’s sizing standard. Then, the International Ring Size Chart can help you convert the size to US standards.10 Tricks to Determine Your Beloved’s Ring SizeNow
you know the ring sizing basics, it’s time to start the detective work. The
following tips are straightforward, but you should be careful to remain
stealthy at all times and keep the poker face on.Borrow One of the Rings She WearsThis
is probably the simplest strategy, but there are certain challenges. First, you
need to be 100% certain that she wears that particular ring. Otherwise, you
might be snatching a piece that no longer fits.Then,
it’s important to make sure she doesn’t figure out the ring is missing.
Therefore, it’s better to go for pieces that aren’t that valuable or hold great
emotional value.Once
the ring is in your hands, you have two options. Measure the ring’s inner
diameter on the spot and figure out the corresponding size on your own. Or, you
can rush the ring off to the nearest jeweler and have the professionals
determine the size.The
latter option might be better because you’ll surely get the right size and some
extra tips on how to choose a perfect engagement ring. On a side note, consider
borrowing a ring she likes.This
helps you kill two birds with one stone. You’ll get to determine the size and the
engagement ring style she favors.Trace a Ring She Really LikesSometimes
borrowing a ring isn’t an option. But there’s no reason to despair, you can
always trace the ring on a piece of paper and use that to get the right size.Again,
you’re tracing the inner circumference of the ring. However, you might want to
take the tracing to a jeweler, rather than try to guess the size on your own.
And you should choose a wedding-band-like ring that can lay flat on the paper.Rings
that have a large crown or a lot of embellishments at the top are hard to
trace. If you miss the measurement by just a millimeter or two, you might be
getting a ring that’s a size bigger or smaller. That being said, a ring that’s slightly
larger isn’t usually a problem. But if it’s smaller, she won’t be able to slip
it on.Estimate based on the Hand SizeJewelers
have become really good at determining the correct ring size based on different
tracings. This time, you won’t be tracing the ring, but your beloved’s entire
hand. And there are a few things to consider if you’re to do it the right way.To
begin with, engagement rings are usually worn
on the left hand. That is, the ring finger of that hand.
So, you need to come up with a clever tactic and persuade your partner to buy
the trick, without raising suspicion.Make
it kind of a game and say you need the traces for an artsy project. And why not
let her trace out your hands to make the game appear more convincing. All the
while, make sure that the trace is as precise as possible and try to outline
her fingers without any wobble.Then, you can take the tracing of her left hand to the jeweler to estimate the size. There is an option to guestimate the size from the tracing on your own. However, it’s tricky and not worth your effort.Get Her Finger Size While She’s SleepingThis
is by far the trickiest strategy because there’s always the risk of her waking
up. But if you have steady hands and she sleeps like a top, feel free to give
it a try. Should she wake up, you can play the fool and say you were just
admiring her long slender fingers.Anyway,
the catch here is to use a soft tape measure like tailors use. To reiterate,
pieces of string might be more convenient, but they won’t give you the correct
size. The same goes if you decide to use a narrow strip of paper.That
out of the way, gently wrap the tape measure around her ring finger and make
sure it’s snug. Hold the loose end of the tape measure between your thumb and
index finger, and atop her ring finger. This way you minimize the chances of
getting the wrong measurement.Get a Cheap Ring SizerYou
can hardly go wrong if you get an inexpensive
ring sizer, but this method is quite similar to the
previous one. To explain, the ring sizer you should be getting is like a tape
measure – usually, a soft plastic band with a noose.Your
job is to get the noose around her finger and tighten it, so it fits
comfortably. Then, there’s an arrow that points to the correct ring size. Of
course, the catch is to do this while she’s blissfully unaware of what’s going
this method is trickier than the previous because you’d need to loosen the ring
sizer before you take it off. If you do it while she’s asleep it’s like playing
the buzz wire game. One wrong move and say goodbye to your surprise proposal.On
the upside, this method is among the most accurate. And you may set the sizer
against one of her rings to estimate the size without risking the romance.The Good Old Comparison MethodAlthough
not exactly the most accurate, the comparison method is one of the safest. This
is something couples often do and she isn’t likely to suspect anything.So,
take her left hand and place it on top of your right hand. Then, figure out
which of your fingers is the same size as her ring finger. For example, your
small finger might be the same or slightly bigger than her ring finger. Now,
you measure your finger to estimate the correct ring size.As
this method isn’t precise, it would be best to take some extra steps. When you
determine which of your fingers is the same as her ring finger, try to slip one
of her rings onto that finger. And if you’re lucky, it’ll fit like a glove.But
then, it’s still advisable to consult with a jeweler and tell the professional
how you got the size. Chances are, you might need to go half a size up or down
to be certain the ring will fit.Ask Her to Try on a Dummy RingThe
dummy ring trick is fairly accurate, but it requires some witty persuasion
tactics on your side. In other words, your beloved needs to think it’s a fun
game and you’re just goofing around.So,
you should find a plastic toy ring and come up with a convincing story to
explain how the ring got into your hands. A narrative that could work is that
you got the piece from a claw crane machine and a voice in your head told you
the ring was for her.Don’t
forget to maintain the happy-go-lucky tone and approach the trick with humor.
Otherwise, she might figure out something else is at play and confront you with
uncomfortable questions. But if all goes well and she puts the ring on, you’ll
know her size.And
even if the toy ring turns out too big or too small, you can still get a pretty
accurate estimate.Employ Others to Help YouIf
you believe there’s no other way to get the right size, you can ask friends and
family members for help. However, it’s best to avoid her friends and family
members because it might be hard for them to resist the urge to tell your
partner what’s going on.Therefore,
you should seek help from your friends or family members. Your future wife is
surely close to one of your siblings or friends. And if the person plays it
right, there’s no reason to worry about them spilling the beans.What
they can do is ask your partner to try on one of her rings. And if it fits, you
now have a dummy finger to measure and get the correct size. There’s also an
option to ask your partner about her ring size. But then, she might suspect
something fishy is going on.Either
way, you need to be careful about two things. First, select the person whom you
can entrust this sensitive task. Second, come up with an approach that won’t
hint at your final goal.Take Advantage of a Shopping DayMore
often than not, jewelry shop display windows grab female attention. Why not ask
your partner to go inside and check out the jewelry? And you don’t even need to
focus on rings. As she browses through the display cabinets, find a ring you
think she would like and ask for her opinion.If
she’s into the style she’ll be willing to try it on, and you’ll know exactly
what’s her size. The great thing is that this method also allows you to kill
two birds with one stone. You’ll figure out the right style and size at the
same time.Just try to keep things cool and casual. Should your future wife see you’re getting nervous and excited, she’ll know you’re up to something.If your located near 5th in Manhattan, feel free to book an appointment and we can measure your finger in our showroom.Ask for Her Ring Size DirectlyYes,
this method spoils the surprise and kind of defies the title of this write-up.
But a lot of couples discuss marriage and engagement well before it’s time to
propose.Asking her about technical details like the ring style and size might be against the traditional engagement etiquette. But it won’t really diminish the romance when the moment to get down on one knee comes. There’s a lot of room to impress your lady and make the event memorable.Size MattersWhen
all is said and done, figuring out the ring size sans the suspicion shouldn’t
be that hard. And if one of the methods fail, there are plenty of other tricks
to try out. But whatever you do, you shouldn’t purchase a ring before you know
the right size.Granted,
it’s possible to resize it after the proposal. But do you really want to put
your significant other through the hassle?

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