Flush Settings – A Quick Guide to Flush-Set Diamond Rings

April 10, 2020
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April 15, 2020

What Are Flush Settings? Flush diamond settings explained
Flush ring settings are also known by the term “Gypsy Settings.” Diamonds, precious stones and semi-precious stones are all suitable for setting into the metal of a piece of jewellery with this method.
Any diamond shape is suitable for the flush setting. The edges of the metal from around the diamond girdle by burnishing.

The diamond will appear flush with the surface of the metal as a result. The technique is ideal for cambered surfaces of metal.
This actually makes setting the stones easier, using the raised edges of the curved surface. If the metal is at least 1mm deep, it will be thick enough to take the pressure applied during setting.
The following gemstone set wedding rings feature flush-set gemstones available in a variety of colours.

Considerations for Flush Set Wedding Rings and Jewellery
One of the most important details relates to the depth of the stone and metal. If the diamond is too deep, then the culet of the diamond will protrude and will rub against the finger.
Measuring the depth of the metal and the diamond will ensure that the metal depth is not exceeded by the diamond chosen.
A hard, durable stone choice ensures the stone does not break since fragile stone types can shatter from pressure applied during setting.
Different Types of Flush Set Jewellery
Flush settings exist for a broad scope of jewellery products. There is no restriction to the type of jewellery embellished by flush settings.
The design below shows a flush set diamond and blue sapphire shaped wedding ring contoured to fit a pear-shaped engagement ring.

Flush set diamonds are popular in wedding ring styles and for shoulders of engagement rings.
Diamond sizes are typically small, less than 2mm generally. Much larger diamonds usually need a bezel on the ring to allow for the added depth.
Both round diamonds, Princess cut diamonds and fancy shaped diamonds are popular choices, but round stones work perfectly since they are slightly easier to set.
Flush Set Diamond Necklaces
The addition of a flush-set diamonds adds sparkle and life to a necklace. An otherwise plain necklace dazzles with a tiny diamond embedded into the surface of precious metal. The design below shows a small round brilliant-cut diamond flush-set into a fingerprint engraved necklace available in our engravable pendants collection.

The video clip below shows a similar pendant design with a single flush-set diamond in addition to a child’s footprints engraved onto the design.

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