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May 30, 2021
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June 7, 2021

Whether you are newly engaged or have had a ring on your finger for decades, it is never too late to learn how to properly care for your engagement ring. Ring maintenance should be completed on a daily basis to ensure your engagement ring is not only aging with grace but also to ensure all stones and prongs stay secure. Although it is true diamonds are forever, an engagement ring is a large investment that requires daily love and care!1. Know when to take off your engagement ring.Nowadays the thin, dainty engagement ring look is incredibly popular and sought after. We even have a style known as the super slim!  Although trendy, these styles are fragile and must be cared for as such! Engagement ring care not only involves what to do with your ring – but also what not to do! Whether you are lifting weights or going on a run, it is never a good idea to work out in your engagement ring. This not only raises your chances of getting a prong caught on something or bending your band – but it also is simply not sanitary! A layer of sweat will not help your center stone to sparkle and shine! Aside from working out, there are other instances where you should also take off your ring. Like working out, housework can sometimes involve a lot of lifting and moving around. This is another instance where taking off your ring would be best!2. Avoid contact with harsh cleaning chemicals.When learning how to care for your engagement ring it is crucial to be aware of what chemicals your ring is in contact with. Similar to housework and working out, you should not use cleaning chemicals with your ring on! Several cleaning agents are known to dull the finish and polish of fine jewelry – especially rings as your hands can come in contact with these chemicals more easily. All harsh chemicals pose the risk of wearing off the metal of the ring. Bleach can actually harm many of the colored precious gemstones like emeralds as well. If you want your ring to withstand the test of time – clean it with our cleaning pen or with a bit of dish soap and a soft-bristle toothbrush – but steer clear of cleaning chemicals!!!3. Be aware of how your wedding band pairs with your engagement ring.When you eventually select a wedding band to pair with your engagement ring, consider how it may sit with your engagement ring. At Lauren B, almost all of our rings sit perfectly flush with the majority of the wedding band styles we offer – offering you a ton of safe options to choose from. When the wedding band sits flush with the engagement ring, it lines up perfectly with the ring with no space between the two rings. We even offer a super low profile style, our Invisible Gallery design, which still sits flush with tons of options in our wedding band collection. It is important to consider how the wedding band you choose will pair with your ring in terms of how they may rub together. Sometimes we recommend shying away from three-row wedding bands paired with a three-row band on the engagement ring as the stones on both rings are more likely to become loose when rubbing against one another. For those who are still drawn to that extra sparkle – we do offer thicker single row pave bands and even two-row bands that give the inclusion of a three-row band without running the risk of stones becoming loose!4. Ensure your engagement ring fits properly. Ensuring your ring fits properly is another key to caring for your engagement ring. If your ring does not have a snug fit it is likely it will spin around on your finger. This spinning can often lead to the ring hitting objects and stones or prongs becoming loose. If it is too big it can even warp into the shape of your finger, causing a slight bend in the band. Of course, it is also important that your ring fits properly for security reasons – as you do not want your ring to fall off! At Lauren B the first resizing is complimentary, however, we recommend first getting sized by one of our design consultants to ensure proper fit prior to putting your ring into production!5. Clean your ring daily.If you want your ring to withstand the test of time and age with grace – clean it with our cleaning pen or with a bit of dish soap and a soft-bristle toothbrush. If you are in NYC you are also always welcome to stop by and get your LB ring professionally cleaned! All methods work – however, we must stress to always steer clear of your engagement ring coming into contact with harsh cleaning chemicals!6. Take it off when you go to sleep and store it in a safe place.Once you’ve said yes it may be hard to part from the beautiful engagement ring on your finger when working out, cleaning, and doing housework. But what about when you go to bed? Yes, it is important to put your ring to rest as well. When you are sleeping it is rather easy for your ring to get caught in your hair or treading from your pillows and sheets which can eventually cause your center stone to loosen and potentially fall out. Sleeping and putting your body weight on your engagement ring can also be incredibly damaging to your ring as this weight can cause a bend in the band or the prongs as well. Not sleeping in your ring is crucial for proper engagement ring care. We recommend taking your engagement ring off at night and always keeping it in the same spot to both keep it safe and avoid misplacing it!If your ring is brand new these engagement ring care tips will keep your new sparkler shining for a lifetime! If you have had your ring for a while – it is never too late to implement engagement ring care into your routine. If your ring is very damaged, keep in mind we can always recreate a setting for your existing diamond giving you the option of a fresh start!  Although it is true diamonds are forever, an engagement ring is a large investment that requires daily love and care!

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