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April 22, 2020
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A Buyer’s Guide to Brushed Matte and Satin Finish Wedding Rings
Matte finish wedding rings provide a satin diffused sheen in contrast to the mirror polished the shiny look of traditional wedding rings. This popular finish costs very little to apply and is available across our full collection of regular and customised wedding ring designs.
Satin wedding rings on the hand
Our photograph below shows a 5mm wide Osborne wedding ring design with optional Matte finish worn on the hand. Sam chose 950 Palladium for his ring for its whiteness and lightness.
Sam wears a 5mm Palladium Osborne wedding ring design wedding ring with a Matte finish. Photograph Holly Cade 2018. 
Custom Satin finished wedding rings with engravings
When it comes to customizing a matte finish wedding ring with engravings, we generally recommend applying them within the ring. Engravings work beautifully on a mirrored surface with a plain brushed finish outer surface. View more examples and get inspiration from our engraved wedding rings page. 
Our popular heartbeat wedding ring appears here with Matte finish. 

Satin Fingerprint Rings
Have you considered adding your partner’s fingerprint to your own wedding ring? We add fingerprints with a mirror-polish or satin finish, inside or outside the ring.

Satin fingerprint ring made as a bespoke wedding ring design
Brush-Patterned Wedding Rings
Some wedding rings combine a brushed finish with a pattern to create a unique decorative effect. The following example comes from our patterned wedding rings with each section brushed with a matte effect.

Brush pattern wedding rings with a diamond-cut pattern added. 
Matte and Polished Rune Wedding Rings
View an excellent example of both mirror and brushed finish in our video below. The clip shows our Rune wedding rings in Titanium. Both feature a matte satin centre section with polished edges for added contrast. We apply custom runes translated from a client’s wording.

A  brushed or Matte finish adds a soft subtle sheen to a wedding ring. This popular ring finish costs very little and gives a contemporary feel to rings. This is especially true combined with mirror-polished edges.

The Culver wedding ring can be created as a brushed finish men’s wedding ring has a flat court profile and polished sidewall and the inner surface.What are brushed finish wedding rings?
Brushed wedding rings are wedding rings finished with a wire-brushed texture. This alternative finish contrasts with the standard mirror-polished wedding ring finish.
You might hear alternative descriptions for the brushed effect. Words such as matt (sometimes alt. matte) and satin appear on many other websites to describe the effect.
We use a spinning wire brush to apply the textured brushed effect to any item of jewellery.

Showing a geometric concave patterned wedding ring completed with a brushed effect.
Pro’s and Con’s of a brushed matte finish wedding ring
The brushed matte finish is very popular. It gives an understated appearance and light is diffused by the sheen, contrasting with mirror polished edges.
Due to the even, consistent finish, the first marks, and scratches will be more apparent until the wear begins to even out. Satin finish wedding rings eventually polish naturally with wear. Mirror polished wedding rings gradually wear to a less shiny finish in the opposite way. We apply both finishes and re-finish wedding rings at any time with either type.

A pair of 6mm flat court profile wedding rings (see RWD004) with a customised brushed finish, one featuring offset double line pattern.
Popular brushed wedding rings
The brushed finish remains very popular. Grooms often choose this finish since it has a more subtle effect, not so shiny as the mirror finish. Many buyers love the feel of the a matte finish. A combination of both mirrored and satin-finished works very well for many wedding rings.
Showing a close-up view of the matte surface of a brushed yellow gold wedding ring, with D shaped profileHow much does a matte finish cost?
For our default plain wedding ring styles, a matte finish can be selected, costing around £10.00 for the additional work to create an even texture.
We offer further customisation through engraving which can also be selected on the product pages of our website.

18ct Rose Gold wedding ring 8mm wide with a brushed finish. The ring style is a heavy court wedding ring, with customised handwritten laser engraving to inner surface (clients handwriting)
Bi-colour wedding rings with a Matt finish
Two colour wedding rings suit a matte finish. To explain, greater definition occurs through reduced reflection across a matte finished wedding band.
The following example of a two colour matte wedding ring was crafted in 18ct Gold. This design is available within our patterned wedding ring styles.

Which metals are best for satin finishing wedding rings?
We apply the brushed or mirror polish finish to all precious metals. Moreover, we recommend durable precious metals over softer metals such as Silver.
Don’t worry if you change your mind, we can re-apply or reverse the finish from mirrored to satin and vice versa. We recommend a matte finish to the outside of the ring, leaving the inside polished for greater contrast.
For a heavier texture, some clients favour a frosted, or sand-blasted finish for added durability over time.

9 Carat Gold, brushed effect D shaped wedding ring
Heavier textures for a rougher matte finish
Showing the frost textured wedding ring 
We apply this new finish with polished edges. Or, contact us with an alternative preference. We fully customise and add design frosted with a heavier texture as shown below.

About Mark JohnsonMark attended Liverpool University and went on to pursue a career in the diamond industry. After more than a decade working in polished diamonds, Mark moved to the Isle of Wight where he launched Serendipity Diamonds. He works most days from their busy Ryde showroom, photographing jewellery and writing for the Serendipity Diamonds website.


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