Back to Basics: Why Minimal is Beautiful!

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May 30, 2020
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June 2, 2020

Many shoppers choose Lauren B for the exquisite attention to detail in our designs. Our signature pave wrap and pave prong designs are some of our most popular. Similarly, our seamless halo designs are requested by clients all over the globe. These designs are popular for a reason! They’re delicate and understated with just an extra touch of pave diamond detailing.For some, however, a more classic design is the best fit. More and more often, we’re seeing couples going “back to basics” – or in the case of engagement rings, back to simple, clean designs with little adornment. There’s no right or wrong engagement ring setting choice. It’s a very personal decision, and the ring setting you choose should reflect your personal style! SolitaireIf your style tends to be no-fuss and relaxed, a setting covered in diamonds may be a bit too flashy for your taste. These designs use minimal metal to reduce bulk and let the center stone shine!  Simple PaveFor someone who doesn’t mind a touch of glitz, but wants something a little more low-key, our classic pave setting is the perfect fit. This design uses pave diamonds on the band, but nowhere else on the ring. A touch of sparkle without anything overpowering!  Why Opt for Simple When You Can Add Even More Sparkle? These designs are as everlasting as it gets, simple enough to stand the test of time without fear of fading in and out of style. These classic solitaire and pave designs also really allow the center stone to shine on its own without anything else competing for the attention. Plus, with such simplicity on the engagement ring, you have endless options for the eventual wedding band pairing!The LB DifferenceHere at Lauren B, we tackle the basics with the same unmatched precision as our most intricate designs. Our high-quality, hand-produced manufacturing process means a superior look and the same delicate appearance we’ve become known for, no matter the design!Our setting styles are created with you in mind – always using the least amount of metal possible on the band and prongs to guarantee a comfortable fit with no added bulk. This also means for a seamless, flush fit with nearly any wedding band selection. Talk about a win-win! Please click here to schedule an in-person or online appointment with one of our Design Consultants to view and discuss these classic designs further!

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