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Complete History of Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring

The story of Kim Kardashian’s wedding ring is straight out of the movies. Exclusive diamond, famous jeweler, astronomical prices, a proposal aimed at setting new trends. […]

How to Save Money on an Engagement Ring?

Saving money on an engagement ring? Don’t get this wrong – the idea isn’t to come off as cheap or stingy but to make a sound […]

Oval Diamond Halo Engagement Rings IGTV

Oval Diamond Halo Engagement Rings IGTV Welcome back! This IGTV segment focuses on our most popular halo designs featuring oval-shaped center stones. They look similar at […]

Ways to Make Sure That Your Engagement Ring is Always Safe

Your engagement ring is your favourite accessory. You love wearing it all the time and just can’t get enough of it. We completely understand your sentiment. […]

Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends of 2019

Another year passes at Lauren B. with new styles and trends popping up every season! A look back at 2019 shows just how much tastes have […]


Which Hand for Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings and Eternity Rings?

Which hand does the engagement ring go on? In this article we answer a few key questions. Which hand for engagement rings; which hand for wedding […]


What Does Solitaire Mean? – Solitaire Engagement Rings

What is a solitaire? A Solitaire diamond is a single diamond. This popular term refers to jewellery set with a single diamond.  To clarify, “Solitaire” refers […]


The Average Price of an Engagement Ring – How Much Should it Cost?

What is the average engagement ring cost? In the UK, the average engagement ring cost works out to about £1700 based on a typical engagement ring […]

The Best Non-Diamond Engagement Rings

The tradition of proposing marriage with a diamond engagement ring traces back to the 1400s, when Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave his bride-to-be a sparkling diamond […]

How to Shop For Diamond Engagement Rings

There is no gift that is greater or more meaningful than an engagement ring. Your significant other will proudly wear this piece of jewelry for the […]