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Why Are Anniversary Rings So Special?

Do not let the design and structure of anniversary rings and wedding rings confuse you? A wedding ring is a one-time lifetime memory while an anniversary […]

Gemstone Anniversary Gifts by Year

Anniversaries are special moments shared between couples, and we all know the importance of them. Each one represents a significant period of life and should be […]

Are You Shopping For a Three Stone Diamond Anniversary Ring? Here Are 7 Stunning Ideas to Inspire You

A wedding anniversary is a milestone that should be celebrated in style.this is why there is a lot of fanfare around it. Whether you have managed […]

Top 15 Ideas for 10 Year Anniversary Gift

Ten years of marriage deserve a remarkable celebration. A decade may change a lot, and the two of you have earned applause for withstanding the test of time. However, finding a gift worthy of such a celebration may […]

Diamond Wedding Anniversary – Unique Jewellery Ideas for 60 Years

Perfect jewellery for a Diamond Anniversary A diamond wedding anniversary marks an incredible 60 years of marriage. As such, many 60th wedding anniversaries are […]

LB HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2019: Perfect Presents Under $2000!!

The holiday season is here again! Are you listening, Santa?! At Lauren B, we have an entire collection of brand new pieces that you should add […]


Big Diamond Rings – Large Hands Deserve Big Diamonds

Question : I have big / chubby / fat fingers. What are the best engagement rings for larger hands? Whether you’re looking for big diamond rings, […]

The Best Non-Diamond Engagement Rings

The tradition of proposing marriage with a diamond engagement ring traces back to the 1400s, when Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave his bride-to-be a sparkling diamond […]

Upgrading Your Jewelry Collection? 10 Reasons to buy Sterling Silver Diamond Jewelry

Top Reasons to Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry Items Are you planning to upgrade your jewelry collection with new items? For most fashion enthusiast, a diamond is […]

Buying the Perfect Diamond Solitaire Pendant Just Got Easier

How to Choose a Diamond Solitaire Pendant When it comes to beautiful glittering jewelry, nothing comes close to a diamond solitaire pendant. It is one of […]