2021 Wedding Trends: 5 Noteworthy Trends for Inspiration

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June 10, 2021
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Weddings look a bit different these days. The pandemic has dramatically changed brides’ expectations of their wedding day. Limited guest lists, social distancing requirements, and sporadic shutdowns created frustrating volatility for brides around the world. As we creep towards pre-pandemic normalcy, brides have learned and adapted. In fact, 2020 has inspired wedding trends in 2021 that exhibit remarkable creativity and ingenuity. Here are 5 noteworthy wedding trends from 2021 that can spark ideas for your own beautiful and unique wedding.Weddings Trend #1: Move it OutdoorsAs a society, we have collectively embraced the powerful influence of the Great Outdoors during this global pandemic. Exposure to life-altering vitamin D, a boost in serotonin, immediate stress relief, and improved immunity are a few of the major benefits of spending time outdoors. Why isolate these benefits to daily walks and a quick visit to the beach? Brides are moving their weddings outdoors! From backyard weddings and intimate beach weddings to scenic, secluded weddings at national parks and on picturesque mountain tops. Outdoor weddings are whimsical, grounded, and completely romantic. Structured tents with dainty, twinkly string lights and unlimited access to greenery, wildflowers, and the rustic aesthetic of arching tree trunks are a few of the reasons outdoor weddings are a 2021 wedding trend. Cocktail hour is also a far more entertaining experience for guests with countless outdoor wedding activities to choose from including: lifesize Jenga, cornhole, s’mores, and croquet. Trend #2: Live Music, Anyone?Calling all wedding singers. Live wedding music is having a major revival in 2021. With social distancing and limited human contact recommendations, many brides opted for bands or wedding singers to perform concert-style in 2020. While we are slowly reintroducing dancing into wedding receptions, Footloose style, live music is holding steadfast. There is something special about a live musical performance. The vibration from the drums, the slight echo from the microphone, the pulse of the bass… Who wouldn’t fall head over feet for live wedding music? Trend #3: White Weddings are So 2020Sorry, Billy Idol. We left white weddings (for good) in 2020. This year, the year of hope, is full of non-traditional, earthy color palettes. Warm hues and nature-derived pops of color make for a bold wedding palette that is absolute perfection for the 2021 bride. Dusty rose, rich sapphire, wine red, eggplant purple, and sage green are increasingly popular leading colors in wedding palettes across the United States.Grooms are also breaking the mold in 2021 with colorful suits that align with the wedding palette. The daring contrast between a snow-white wedding dress and a perfectly tailored, colorful suit creates a stunning scene for photos and keeps wedding guests visually engaged through the entire ceremony. Vibrant colors are no longer reserved for fleeting wedding color palettes. Brides are embracing colored engagement rings and wedding band stones to make a statement that lasts a lifetime. Sapphires, rubies, emeralds, oh my! There are countless colored gemstones from which to choose; in fact, we guarantee you can find a colored stone ring style that impeccably aligns with your vivacious personality.   1.2 ct Round Sapphire Twisted Halo RingGreen Sapphire Signature Wrap Rose Gold Engagement Ring2.57 ct Yellow Diamond Three-Stone Radiant Cut RingTrend #4: Keeping Your Wedding’s Footprint in Mind.No, we are not referring to your actual footprint in that dazzling Louboutin, though we are sure it is flawlessly fabulous. We mean your “carbon footprint” or the total greenhouse gas emissions accumulated by an individual. Brides in 2021 have a keen focus on sustainability in the lead-up to their big day. Whether this inspires DIY wedding elements or sourcing local, small business vendors for the wedding celebration (think: local bakers, butchers, wedding dress boutiques, party rentals, etc.), the effect is the same: a reduced footprint.The countless hours of streaming a wide variety of YouTube tutorials during the nationwide lockdowns are finally paying off, thank goodness. Brides have a few tricks up their sleeves, and they are eager to incorporate a few personal touches to their wedding in the form of DIY beauty and DIY wedding decor. But, that’s not all. A new wedding trend emerging in 2021 is the transformative dress. Sustainable brides see the return on investment for a multi-use wedding dress. A transformative dress can move from the wedding ceremony to a non-profit event, and then on to a New Year’s Eve party. The opportunities are endless with versatile styling and the right accessories.Mini-Halo Round Diamond Hoop-Style Earrings, $3,5001.01 Ct Oval Diamond Center Yellow Gold Halo Pendant, $4,8005.60 Carat Diamond 18K White Gold Bracelet, $12,800Trend #5: Re-Allocating Wedding Dollars.Weddings have decreased in size, but certainly not in extravagance in 2020 and 2021. Couples are making the best of their smaller guest lists by re-allocating wedding dollars to unexpected details. Have you had your eye (and heart) on a lavish location with a hefty price tag? Smaller guest lists allow couples to spend more on location and less on food and beverages. Some couples are nixing the guest list altogether and opting for elopement. Whether you choose to embrace a micro-wedding or elope to a romantic location, you may end up with a budget surplus you can repurpose into wedding details like personalized guest welcome boxes and take-home gifts or post-wedding activities like a future honeymoon trip or a downpayment for a house or car. Have fun with it; it’s your money!Trends come and go, but diamonds last forever. Wedding trends ebb and flow, cycle, or fade into the distance. Your wedding is a reflection of your love story and unique to you and your partner. These trends are intended as a starting point to inspire you to create a wedding beyond your wildest dreams despite external circumstances. Wedding trends will come, and they will go, but your personal style is eternal. You need an engagement ring and wedding band that reflects your exceptional uniqueness. At Lauren B, we offer a wide variety of the highest quality diamonds, colored gemstones, and moissanite in varying shapes, cuts, and settings hand forged by skilled craftsmen. If you have a specific vision in mind, we can work with you to design the ring of your dreams with a custom design consultation. 
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